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LASIK now NASA approved


Those considering vision correction now have another reason to be confident in LASIK. The National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) has approved the new advanced, CustomVue LASIK technology for use on U.S. astronauts. The recent NASA decision was made following review of extensive military clinical data using Advanced CustomVue LASIK method. “Even your most-extreme [...]

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Advanced CustomVue LASIK


The Advanced CustomVue laser vision correction procedure stands in a class of its own with the broadest range of FDA-approved indications. The Advanced CustomVue procedure represents the most-advanced LASIK procedure available to patients today.

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1st Center To Use CustomVue


Dr. G.N. Qureshi’s Laser Eye Institute located in Karachi, Pakistan announced that it is the first practice in the state of Pakistan to utilize the VISX CustomVue wavefront-guided LASIK. This new technology is the next generation of LASIK. With the addition of a machine called the wavefront wavescan Dr. G.N. Qureshi is able to [...]

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Concerns about the harsh aviation environment prevented the earlier forms of LASIK from use in the military and NASA. To date, aeromedical professionals have been cautious of employing the procedure on military aviators who frequently encounter environmental extremes such as high altitude, dry air, wind blast and “G” forces.  In space, these and other [...]

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Ask The Doctor: How Long Does LASIK Last?


With modern LASIK, the enhancement rate is 1-2 percent in the first 12 months and then about 1 percent a year after that as patients` eyes can change with time. So, for example, 10 years after LASIK, approximately 10 percent of patients may require an enhancement procedure to maintain their excellent vision.   [...]

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