Iris registration offers 3 key benefits:Accurate AlignmentirisIris Registration uses unique matching points on the iris (colored ring around the pupil) to accurately align the treatment on to the cornea. This is needed because a patients head may be tilted slightly from when the original wavescans were created. Previously the surgeon had to make a small mark on the eye, this method was not nearly as accurate as the process of Iris Registration, yet most surgeons still use this method. 3D Active Track 3d active Iris Registration offers the latest generation of active eye tracking. This new tracking system tracks the eye in all 3 dimensions offering unparalleled amount of tracking. The Active Track system ensures that the eye is properly aligned before allowing the cool beams of the laser to discharge. Patient Verification irisiss The final feature of the Iris Registration uses iris verification to ensure that the correct treatment is applied to the correct patient.