Dr. G.N. Qureshi’s Laser Eye Institute located in Karachi, Pakistan announced that it is the first practice in the state of Pakistan to utilize the VISX CustomVue wavefront-guided LASIK.

This new technology is the next generation of LASIK. With the addition of a machine called the wavefront wavescan Dr. G.N. Qureshi is able to create precise three dimensional maps of each patients individual eyes. Dr. G.N. Qureshi can then use these 3D maps to create an individualized treatment customized for each patient based on their work habits, life goals, and individual eyes.

Once Dr. G.N. Qureshi has programmed the treatment it is transferred via USB flash memory stick to the Star S4 Laser. The laser then uses the customized data supplied by Dr. G.N. Qureshi.

The CustomVue technology is the next generation of LASIK with 98% of the patients seeing 20/20 (perfect vision), and 76% of the patients seeing better then 20/20! In addition to the improved visual results three out of four patients claimed they were more satisfied with their night vision then with the use of contacts or glasses!

CustomVue technology allows Dr. G.N. Qureshi to treat a wider range then before, with the ability to treat a wide range of myopia, hyperopia and mixed astigmatism. This advancement in technology from the Laser Eye Institute makes now a better time then ever to seek freedom from contacts or glasses!