LASEK is a variation of the PRK that Dr. G.N.Qureshi began using in march of 2000. Also called epi-lasik or advanced surface ablation, LASEK is generally used for patients who have thinner corneas, or have had previous refractive vision correction (such as RK) in the past. Additionally LASEK is often recommended for patients who’s corneas are too dry for the CustomVue LASIK procedure.


During the LASEK treatment the epithelium, or outer layer of the cornea is peeled back after the epithelium is loosened with a diluted solution of alcohol. Next Dr. G.N.Qureshi will carefully fold it back out of the way and treat the cornea. Dr. G.N.Qureshi will then treat the cornea in a similar fashion as with either conventional LASIK or Advanced CustomVue LASIK molding the tissue underneath. Finally the epithelium is placed back onto the cornea and a contact lens is applied over it to keep it in place, this contact lens is usually removed in 3-7 days.

Post Treatment Care

Patients should expect to wear the bandage lens for 3-7 days following the procedure. In addition there may be some slight eye irritation akin to having some debris in your contact. The healing time with LASEK is often longer when compared to LASIK. Often patients can take a few weeks to heel but this does vary from patient to patient.

Why Choose LASEK

LASEK is not for everyone, Dr. G.N.Qureshi only recommends LASEK in unique situations when he feels the patient is not an excellent candidate for traditional LASIK. Visually patient outcomes from LASIK as compared to LASEK are similar after heeling is completed.